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Romney’s Surprise Visit Last Week to Bankrupt Solyndra Was Perfect Venue to Illustrate Obama’s Cronyism, Cluelessness, & Gross Waste of Taxpayers’ Stimulus Money (video)

| June 6, 2012

The more I listen to Mitt Romney speak, the more I’m warming up to him and see him as our next president. Staging a surprise speech outside the bankrupt Solyndra solar panel factory in California last week was rather brilliant. Here’s the headline, with Romney in front of the eerie, gigantic ghost building, that Drudge […]

My Sorta-Kinda Tribute to Earth Day: The Great “Sustainability” Lie of Global Warming & Its Doomsday Fallacies & Failures

| April 21, 2012

  Tomorrow is Earth Day (and also communist leader and Russian Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin’s birthday). What was started in April 1970 with what one hopes was the best of intentions to clean Mother Earth has mutated into a multi-billion-dollar fiasco, what is believed by more and more people to be the biggest, most insidious […]

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