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Pathetic “Beg for Bucks” POTUS: Obama’s Held More Re-election Fundraising Events Than All Presidents, Since Nixon, Combined — Support from Younger Voters for BHO Continues to Plummet

| April 30, 2012

  Pres. Barack Obama, aka “President Zero,” aka “President Pantywaist,” aka Mr. “No Hope, No Change,” aka Mr. “Apologizer in Chief,” aka Mr. “Golfer in Chief,” aka Mr. “Feet on the Resolute Desk in Chief,” aka Mr. “Teleprompter in Chief,” aka Mr. “Dog Eater in Chief,” aka Mr. “Vacationer in Chief,” aka Mr. Whiner and […]

Hello, Cruel Reality: More Than Half of College Graduates Are Unemployed or Underemployed During Obama’s Failed Era of Hopenchange

| April 23, 2012

  Those George W. Bush years keep looking better and better. New government analysis data reveal that 53 percent of young American college graduates can’t find jobs in their fields (or can’t find jobs period) and that median wages for those with bachelor’s degrees are down from the year 2000. Student college debt loans, on […]

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