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Surprising Post-Election Headline in NYT — Obama Left Fighting for His Own Relevance

| November 5, 2014

  Stunning headline following yesterday’s Democrat-defeating elections, posted on the left-leaning New York Times website this morning: President Obama Left Fighting for His Own Relevance. Wow. Here are the opening paragraphs of the piece, revealing a disturbingly petulant Barack: Two things were clear long before the votes were counted on Tuesday night: President Obama would […]

Historical & Shameless: Pres. Obama Ordered Health Insurance Industry to Withhold 2015 Price Increases Until After Elections to Protect Democrat Party

| November 4, 2014

  Many conservative journalists, radio talk show pundits, and bloggers, myself included, have been writing about how Pres. Obama has withheld the massive price increases until after the November elections so as to protect Democrats nationwide who are up for reelection and to protect his weakening grip on the U.S. Senate. Election Day is here. […]

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