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Texas Health Care Workers in Ebola Case Asked to Not Travel or Go into Public, Obama Wants Dem Lobbyist with No Health or Medical Background to Be New “Ebola Czar”

| October 17, 2014

  There is another reported case of Ebola from the group of health care workers in Texas who were treating Ebola victim Thomas Duncan. Duncan died last week from the virus. These people are being asked to not travel via public transportation. Pres. Barack Obama’s response to the growing health crisis? Out of the hundreds, […]

What Civil Liberties? Police Now Using License Plate Scanner Networks to Document Millions of Law-Abiding American Citizens’ Movements in Their Vehicles

| September 25, 2014

  It wasn’t all that long ago that the federal government’s NSA assured Americans that they would not abuse the collection of millions of law-abiding citizens’ phone records. And we know how that played out. Big Bro is watching you –>License plate scanner networks capture movements – Houston Chronicle http://t.co/N4wyxyzxug via @HoustonChron — Nicholas Temple […]

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