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Huge Government Intrusion: Obama’s Plan to Take Over the Internet Is Closer to Reality, Will Make Web Use Slower & More Expensive for Americans (video)

| February 24, 2015

  Last year, Barack Obama said that he believed that the Internet should be reclassified by the FCC as a public utility, which would allow him to control it more by making it more heavily regulated. As a consequence, either deliberately or unintentionally (your call here), the president’s massive plan will make the Internet slower […]

Promises Never Fulfilled: Pres. Obama Has Worst State of the Union Record Since Gerald Ford

| January 20, 2015

  Before Barry Obama waves his well-worn blame cards, starts whining and pouting to the press that it is because of Republicans in Congress that he has the worst record for making State of the Union promises that were never fulfilled, let us not forget that former Pres. Bill Clinton has a better SOTU promises-kept […]

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