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Not a Spoof from “The Onion”: Texas Resort Hotel Planned As Posh Shelter for Illegal Alien Youths, Los Angeles Focuses on Providing More Shelters for Illegals While Neglecting Homeless American Kids

| July 16, 2014

  Homeless American children, eat your hearts out… and to all lower- and middle-class taxpaying American citizens, you’re allowed to be surprised / miffed / jealous / enraged. As you and your family cut back on expenses and plan this summer’s “staycation,” take your pick of one or all reactions about Obama’s and Democrats’ ridiculously […]

Poor Obama: Tells Texas Crowd That It’s “Lonely Doing All the Work,” Ignores Senate Leader Reid’s Blocking of Republican Bills (video)

| July 11, 2014

  It’s not the first time that Pres. Barack Obama has whined in public about how hard his job is, how he’s complained that he is the only one *sniffle* in DC who has his nose to the grindstone and does his job. It won’t be his last stammering, adolescent whine-and-blame fest, either, but the […]

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