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Unbelievable: Obama’s Fundraiser Motorcade in Los Angeles Blocks Pregnant Woman in Labor from Going to Hospital Across the Street, Forced to Wait a Half Hour (video)

| July 24, 2014

  Journalist Jim Treacher at Daily Caller calls this “a new low, even for Uncle Sam.” Indeed. Get some skin in the game, lowly pregnant woman — don’t you know that the Hollywood Fundraiser in Chief is nigh? Obama's Motorcade for Fundraiser Hinders #LA Woman in Labor. #KNBC LA shot the story, did not air […]

Not a Spoof from “The Onion”: Texas Resort Hotel Planned As Posh Shelter for Illegal Alien Youths, Los Angeles Focuses on Providing More Shelters for Illegals While Neglecting Homeless American Kids

| July 16, 2014

  Homeless American children, eat your hearts out… and to all lower- and middle-class taxpaying American citizens, you’re allowed to be surprised / miffed / jealous / enraged. As you and your family cut back on expenses and plan this summer’s “staycation,” take your pick of one or all reactions about Obama’s and Democrats’ ridiculously […]

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