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Under the Bus: Obama Forces Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel Out for Being Too Critical of His Decisions, for Speaking the Truth about Obama’s Incoherent Foreign Policy in Syria (video)

| November 24, 2014

  Political analyst Charles Krauthammer nails it — Pres. Barack Obama can’t tolerate criticism, so it makes perfect sense that his administration is throwing Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel, the only Republican in the president’s cabinet, under the bus for speaking the truth. Hagel had the audacity to disagree with the president that the Muslim […]

Open Your Wallets, Taxpayers… Pres. Obama’s Labor Day AFO Flights for Dem Fundraisers, Personal Stuff, & WH Chef’s Wedding Cost More Than a Million Bucks

| November 19, 2014

  The Obama administration’s spendthrift jaunts will only increase now that the November elections have ended — this stunning, grotesque information about Barack Obama’s pricey Labor Day weekend, all funded by American taxpayers, was reported by Judicial Watch, Air Force Documents Show President Obama Ran up $1,539,402.10 in Flight Expenses Alone for Labor Day 2014 […]

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