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Dismal Jobs Update: White House Numbers Bury Surge of Part-time Work, Only 47% of Adults in America Have Full-Time Jobs, Underemployment Now at 14.3 Percent

| July 7, 2013

  This tweet from Iowahawk sums up Friday’s release of the Obama administration’s June jobs report succinctly: Unemployment report in a nutshell: the Taco Bell that had 30 40 hour workers now has 40 30 hour workers. — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) July 5, 2013 The White House and liberal pundits are crowing to the hills […]

Barack’s Manufactured Crises, from Gun Control to Bungled Economy to ObamaCare to Sequester… David Limbaugh Writes, ‘Obama’s Game Playing Is Wearing Thin’

| February 28, 2013

  Excellent essay this morning about Commander in Grief Obama’s manufactured crises and shameless exploitations. From political commentator and author David Limbaugh, posted at NewsBusters — here’s a portion… Obama’s Game Playing Is Wearing Thin: President Obama told a meeting of the National Governors Association: “At some point, we’ve got to do some governing. And […]

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