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Phony Baloney Revealed: Twitter Audit Exposes Presidential Wannabe Hillary’s Fake Twitter Followers, More Than 1 Million

| November 12, 2015

  Did Hillary Clinton know that more 1 million of her so-called Twitter followers are phantoms, that they are as fake as a three-dollar bill? Or, was she too busy using her unsecured personal email account for sensitive government correspondences? To quote Hillary, “What difference does it make?” .@HillaryClinton's Twitter has a higher percentage of […]

Donald Trump’s “Political Magic” in Presidential Race Stuns Liberal Media

| August 27, 2015

  The 2016 presidential election is still more than a year away — however, the unprecedented surge in popularity polls for controversial, outspoken Republican candidate Donald Trump cannot be ignored. Reported by The Hill, Pollsters dumbfounded by Trump: Polling experts agree on one thing when it comes to Donald Trump’s presidential run: They’ve never seen […]

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