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Happy 2014: Milk Prices Could Skyrocket to $6 or $7 Per Gallon if Congress Doesn’t Pass New Farm Bill Soon

| January 7, 2014

  Yes, we DID go through this very same thing with Congress and milk prices in 2013. But the one-year extension they passed last year to avoid actually passing a new Farm Bill is about to expire. Again. This new Farm Bill was due in November. Late. Again. Hopenchange in 2014… any bets that another […]

Got Milk? “Dairy Cliff” Looming, Price of Milk Could Soon Skyrocket if Congress Doesn’t Address Expired Farm Bill (video)

| December 29, 2012

  To quote the National Milk Processor Board slogan, “Got milk?” If you do, enjoy it while you can. Should Congress fail to address the looming farm bill deadline, Americans who are already financially strapped may suddenly be slammed in the supermarket by the doubling or tripling of milk prices and products containing milk. The […]

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