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Unbelievable: Islamic Terrorist Group Al Qaeda Received $1 Million of American Taxpayers’ Money from Team Obama’s CIA in 2010

| March 17, 2015

  Last week, it was discovered that Pres. Obama’s Central Intelligence Association had inadvertently given $1 million to Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda while trying to help pay a ransom for a kidnapped Afghan diplomat. Unbelievable. Time and again, the federal government has refused to pay ransoms for kidnapped Americans overseas. However, the doling out […]

Tax Code Stunner: Pres. Obama’s Immigration Executive Action Gives “Amnesty Bonuses” to Illegal Aliens

| February 6, 2015

  Abuse of power… again. Pres. Obama’s immigration executive action gives tax credits to illegal aliens, and permits them to receive retroactive “amnesty bonuses” for three previous years. These amnesty bonuses will be in the billions of dollars range. The president’s executive action will also give countless illegal aliens Social Security numbers. As the president […]

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