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More Bad News for Debt-Ridden Detroit: Nearly Half the City’s Water Customers Can’t Pay Their Bills

| June 24, 2014

  The Democrat party’s “great experiment” in Detroit has failed for years. It is now reported that about half of the bankrupt city’s water customers cannot pay their water bills. Perfect time for the Detroit City Council to approve an 8.7 percent water rate hike. The rate increase kicks in on July 1. Thousands of […]

Obama’s 2008 Promise to Destroy Coal Industry: He’ll Bypass Congress (Again) to Launch Harsher, Costly Emission Regulations for Coal Plants & Pushing for More Wind Machines

| June 2, 2014

  Americans, costly energy changes are in your very near future. Expect the Obama administration’s new emission mandates targeting the coal industry, announced earlier today, to add thousands of dollars to your annual heating and power costs. Electricity costs are predicted to skyrocket. Closure of hundreds of the nation’s coal-fired power plants are also anticipated, […]

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