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Scottish Votes Are In on Independence: “No” to Scotland’s Break from United Kingdom (video)

| September 19, 2014

  Scotland’s 300-year rocky marriage to the United Kingdom remains intact. Divorce has been averted. Per the preliminary results of yesterday’s vote, the majority of Scottish voters have said “no” to independence. There was an estimated record-high voter turn out of nearly 85 percent, with 55% voting “no” and 45% voting “yes” to independence. Reported […]

Good or Bad Plan? Senate Passes Vote 78-22 to Arm Syrian Rebels in Fight Against Islamic Terrorist Group ISIS (video)

| September 18, 2014

  Earlier today, our U.S. Senate passed a vote for American taxpayers to fund the training of and the arming of Syrian rebels in an effort to destroy the bloodthirsty Islamic terrorist group ISIS. But no American boots on the ground. Maybe. We’ll see… I’m swaying back and forth about whether or not this is […]

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