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Campaign-Free Zone? Poll Workers in Chicago Tell Pres. Obama to “Vote Democrat” at Polling Booth, Break County’s Electioneering Law (Video)

| October 21, 2014

In Cook County in Illinois, it’s illegal for election poll workers to advise or recommend that voters vote one way or another. No electioneering is allowed. But Chicago is in Cook County. There’s the legal, ethical way of doing business… and then, well, there’s the “Chicago Way.” When a Chicago poll worker told POTUS Obama […]

Deadly Ebola Virus on the Rise, Enters United States (video)

| October 3, 2014

  More reports about the Ebola virus, a horrific disease that has an average fatality rate of 50 percent, entering the United States are alarming. There is no vaccine, no cure. These news story links were posted today on the Drudge Report: Hospitals report 100+ cases involving Ebola-like symptoms… FEAR HITS DC… Officials Seek to […]

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