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Animated Earth Day Tribute on Google’s Homepage & Glorious “Our Eye in the Sky” Video

| April 22, 2015

Google celebrates the 45th anniversary of Earth Day today (which is the sapphire anniversary, if you were wondering) with an animated doodle on its home page. The Earth Day tribute features a rotating blue marble of Mother Earth, in the center of the search engine’s logo, replacing the second “O” of Google. Clicking the image […]

Tragedies Escalate: Hundreds of People, Trying to Escape from Africa & the Middle East to Europe, Now Confirmed Dead at Sea in Latest Migrant Ship Accidents (video)

| April 21, 2015

  An investigation is under way to determine why so many people, trying to flee to Europe to escape the destitution and hopelessness of their lives in Africa and the Middle East, have died in capsized ship accidents this year. Shockingly, there have been about 17 times as many refugee deaths at sea so far […]

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