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Exquisite, Mesmerizing Ballet in the Sky: Murmuration Flight of Starlings over Otmoor (video)

| June 19, 2015

  The astounding video below of starlings in flight was shot a few years ago in Otmoor (also spelled Ot Moor), a wetland and wet grassland reserve in Oxfordshire, England. This event, called a murmuration of starlings, is a remarkable, beautiful cloudlike swarming in the sky of thousands, sometimes millions of birds. Twisting, turning, in […]

Horrific Tragedy: Gunman in South Carolina Kills 9 Black Christians during Church Prayer Session, Suspect Has Been Apprehended (video)

| June 18, 2015

  A senseless, horrific tragedy against black Christians occurred yesterday when an armed gunman shot and killed nine people during their prayer session at a historic Charleston, South Carolina church. Among those who were murdered at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was state senator and pastor Rev. Clementa Pickney. A 5-year-old girl survived the violent […]

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