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Thank You, Taxpayers… Welfare Recipients Using EBT Cards to Buy Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

| July 22, 2014

  When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use earlier this year, how many of you suspected this kind of welfare/EBT card abuse happening at marijuana dispensaries? Thanks for the free cannibis, taxpayer dudes… Welfare for Weed: Colorado Allows EBT Withdrawals at Pot Shops   Reported by National Review Online, Welfare Cash for Weed in Colorado: For […]

Malaysia Airlines Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Near Ukraine Border, 280 Passengers & 15 Crew Members Feared Dead (video)

| July 17, 2014

  No confirmed details nor official confirmations are yet available, but shocking news is being reported that a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane, carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew, was reportedly shot down in Ukraine near the Russian border. A tweet sent earlier this morning from Malaysia Airlines: Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from […]

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