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Deadly Disaster: Huge South Korean Ferry Capsizes & Sinks, Nearly 300 People, Mostly High School Students, Still Missing (video)

| April 17, 2014

  Tragedy struck yesterday when a mammoth ferry off the coast of South Korea capsized and sunk. Nearly 500 people were on board, and while many have been rescued, hundreds more are still missing. Teenagers on a high school class trip are among those who are still missing. Anguished parents are still waiting for news […]

Feds Back Down: Nevada Standoff Ends, Armed BLM Agents Leave Property of Cattle Rancher Cliven Bundy… For Now (video)

| April 14, 2014

  Saturday afternoon, with concerns about the safety of the Bundy family and a growing number of supporters who have traveled to the ranch, hundreds of armed federal agents and snipers who had surrounded Cliven Bundy’s cattle ranch property for nearly a week, were told to stand down. Additionally, this occurred not long after it […]

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