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War on Women Revved Up a Notch: Obama’s DNC Advisor Hilary Rosen Fires Offensive Shots at Ann Romney & Stay-at-Home Moms, Claims “Never Worked a Day” (video)

| April 12, 2012

  Pres. Obama’s “war on women” doesn’t exist, claims DNC political hack and Obama advisor Hilary Rosen, until she suddenly fired some nasty shots, shots that were meant to diminish and trivialize what stay-at-home moms like Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, do. Rosen is a former TV commentator with CNBC and then with MSNBC and has […]

Hopenchange Disaster: Price of Gas Has Jumped 83 Percent, Ground Beef 24 Percent, Bacon 22 Percent, Ice Cream 19 Percent Under Obama’s Lack of Leadership

| January 24, 2012

  Years from now, when analysts discuss and dissect the bleak Obama years in America — and they will — heads will be scratched and bewilderment and dismay will be expressed about the lunacy and economic devastation inflicted during the Era of Obama. The non-stop economical havoc and hardships the Obama administration has wreaked upon […]

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