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National Pessimism: New NYT Poll Shows Growing Number of Americans No Longer Believe Working Hard Will Achieve “American Dream,” That Government Over-regulates

| December 11, 2014

  A recent New York Times poll paints a bleak picture of the mindsets of many Americans. At its lowest in two decades, a growing number of hard-working middle- and lower-class Americans have lost hope, no longer believe that working hard will pay off in the end for them and for their families. A growing […]

Dem Rep. Gutiérrez Admits Granting Amnesty to Illegal Aliens Is Political, Should Create 4 or 5 Million New Democrat Voters (video)

| July 29, 2014

  Did Illinois’ liberal US Rep. Luis Gutiérrez let the cat out of the bag about the Democrat party’s secret motives for granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens? Yep. Although, those motives have not been all that “secret” for a loooong time. Whoops: Rep. Luis Gutiérrez lets slip why Dems really want amnesty – […]

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